Professional Development

Professional Development Series

Reduce Stigma. Receive Information. Reflect on Strategies.

The Education Team of Children, Youth and Families – Addiction and Mental Health - Edmonton Zone (Alberta Health Services) is proud to provide school staff with these professional development presentations to increase their awareness and knowledge of mental health challenges which children and adolescents may experience. The Professional Development Series is intended to provide school professionals with information and evidence-based strategies that will support student mental health.

Our professional development series aims to meet the current and changing needs of school professionals. Each session will actively engage participants through discussion, case studies, and/or activities. We encourage you to select the presentation(s) from the list below that would best meet the needs of your staff and student population.

Our presenters are Mental Health Educators with extensive knowledge of addiction and mental health issues impacting children, adolescents, families and school communities.

Available Sessions:

Keeping Scattered Kids on Track: A Review of ADHD & Practical Strategies for School Professionals

Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety: Supporting Students

More Than Just a Bad Day: Understanding and Supporting Students Who Experience Depression

Promoting Success in Learning: Understanding and Building Executive Functioning Skills

Introduction to Mindfulness in the Classroom

Understanding and Supporting Students Who Struggle with Self-Injurious Behavior

Supporting Self-Regulation in Students

Trauma Informed Classrooms

Your school is welcome to book a daytime session for your school, catchment or district. Presentations will be hosted by one school, but you are welcome to invite staff from other schools to attend.