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Due to school closures that have taken place as a precaution to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19, our Parenting Groups and Caregiver Education Sessions from March - June 2020 have been cancelled.

During these unprecedented times, we are exploring innovative ways of providing mental health education to caregivers. We have developed a new section on our website, "COVID-19 Mental Health Resources", where you can find a variety of resources to support you through this time.

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COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Caregiver Education Series

Parenting Education and Reflection (P.E.A.R) Groups

Mental Health Literacy Series

The Education Team of Children, Youth and Families - Addiction and Mental Health - Edmonton Zone (Alberta Health Services) provides parents, caregivers and community members with free education sessions to increase awareness of the mental health challenges that children and adolescents may experience. Learn more about us