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The introduction of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 in Alberta has led to a wide-spread response to protect the safety of all citizens within our community. Measures such as physical distancing, program changes or closures, and directives to stay at home are in place for our safety. We recognize, however, the tremendous impact this has on children, youth & families, and are committed to providing you with resources to support you through these times.

Online Resources:

COVID-19 Tip Sheet

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Back to School During COVID

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Virtual Mental Health Education

Caregiver Education Sessions

Drop-In Series

Lunch & Learn Webinars

Alberta Health Services is proud to offer FREE online programming for parents and caregivers of children and youth. Our aim is to increase awareness and reduce stigma of the mental health challenges that children and adolescents experience, provide parents and caregivers with evidence-based mental health information, and provide strategies that support mental wellness. Click to learn more.