About Us

The Education Team of Children, Youth and Families - Addiction and Mental Health - Edmonton Zone (Alberta Health Services) provides parents, caregivers and community members with free education sessions to increase awareness of the mental health challenges that children and adolescents may experience.

The Caregiver Education Series focuses on the 3 R’s: reduce stigma, receive information, and reflect on strategies. Each session provides evidence-based research, common challenges faced by children and youth, possible treatment options, supportive strategies, and information/resources for further support.

In person sessions have been cancelled. We have developed summary pages for each session - please click on the link to access them.

We are now offering virtual sessions! Click to learn more

Responding to the needs of parents and caregivers, The Education Team now offers a Parent Education and Reflection (P.E.A.R.) Group - a free program for those looking to strengthen their foundational parenting skills, address parenting challenges, and support their child's social and emotional development.

These sessions are currently on hold.We are exploring other ways to offer parenting groups - please check back soon!

The Education Team also offers presentations for school professionals. This Professional Development Series focuses on providing practical strategies and resources for educators to use in their practice. As with the caregiver series, PD presentations aim to build capacity to understand and address mental health issues so that schools can better support the needs of their students.

These sessions are currently on hold.

Our presenters are Mental Health Educators with extensive knowledge of addiction and mental health issues impacting children, adolescents, families and school communities.

Our services are provided in partnership with: