What are people saying?

Participant Feedback

In 2022, more than 6300 people attended our virtual education sessions.  Here's what some of the participants had to say: 

“This was such informative content supported with charts, videos, concrete & helpful ideas to support parents & caregivers."

"Presenters and presentation were 10/10. Very impressed."

"Very engaging and straight forward. I enjoyed the combination of personal stories/examples with educational information and strategies."

“I really appreciated that we could participate within the session. All helpful information!”

"Learned lots of warning signs that I did not know. Very, very helpful."

"Thank you for all the info. I sure wish I came to this some time ago. Never too late to start understanding."

"This session gave me a new way to look at things and how to help my kids cope."

“Great energy from you guys, made us feel genuinely supported.”

“The virtual format is very convenient and makes it much easier to attend these sessions.” 

“The time was good and with two presenters it didn’t feel boring at all. Great job.”

“I like the interactive portions because it helps to connect with other people who are watching.”

“The time was just right as I work in the daytime. Thank you so much for providing this support!”

“The interactive questions asked to participants were helpful.”

“Content, delivery and duration were ‘just right’. Online is nice, I don't have to drive anywhere.”

“Good acknowledgement to ‘real life’ difficulties – very identifiable and relatable. Thank you.”

“I ended up liking the virtual delivery more than I thought. Liked typing in my responses to questions.”

“Great program – would recommend to anyone. Great presenters!”

“Kuddos to everyone making this kind of informative/participative session.” 

Alberta Health Services is proud to offer FREE online programming for parents and caregivers who support children and youth, as well as sessions for adults looking to support their own wellness. Sessions are live and interactive. Our aim is to increase awareness and reduce the stigma around addiction and mental health challenges, provide participants with evidence-based information, and offer strategies that promote health and resilience.  Click to learn more.