What are people saying?

The Results Are In!

We surveyed 4800 people who attended our education sessions during the 2018-2019 school year. Watch the video to find out what they had to say!

Caregiver Education Series


"Your workshop was very relatable. The strategies were explained well and realistically, as well as easy to use/try. I really enjoyed it!"

"Presenter and presentation were 10/10. Very impressed."

"Very engaging and straight forward. I enjoyed the combination of personal stories/examples with educational information and strategies."

"The presenter was very knowledgeable, informed and personable."

"Will definitely attend more sessions."

"Learned lots of warning signs that I did not know. Very, very helpful."

"Thank you for all the info. I sure wish I came to this some time ago. Never too late to start understanding."

"This session gave me a new way to look at things and how to help my kids cope."


"This is really mind opening to me."

“You’ve given me a bit of extra confidence.”

“I learned how to calm myself when I feel anxious. I learned what to do before, during and after a test.”

"Despite being dragged along, I believe I took something quite useful away from this talk."

"It was a very helpful presentation."

"I like how they didn’t make it boring and it was exciting and sometimes really funny."

"It was a great class. It made me more ready for Jr. High."

Professional Development Series


"Very insightful presenters. Also, very approachable."

"Great session. Enjoyed every part of it."

"Very helpful info regarding strategies and great clear, precise slides. All useful! Thank you!"

"This is a great training!"

"Thanks – was applicable to my classroom and home."

"Excellent presenter. I was able to stay focused and enjoyed what I learned."

"Great presentation! We need more presentations like this for educators and parents."

"I can’t find only one thing as the best part. I have learned so much – I cannot thank you enough."

"Best PD speaker in my 4 year career. Great job!"

"This was a very well laid out workshop. Easy to listen to, applicable, the way you broke up activities and listening for us was well balanced. Excellent job!"

"It was the fastest 2 ½ hours I have had in a session. Very interesting!"

"I would like to take this again."